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2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Congress, will be organized around the theme “Comprehensive Innovations and Researches in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology ”

Pharma Biotech Congress 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Pharma Biotech Congress 2019

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A biopharmaceutical is also called as a Biological or Biologic pharmaceutical medication item fabricated from organic sources through extraction. The advancement of a pharmaceutical medication normally takes a normal of 10 – 15 years. Such a large amount of exertion, time and cash, it is exceptionally urgent that the correct advancements and materials are received in the examination, improvement and assembling of the pharmaceutical medications, whole process incorporates pre-disclosure, pre-clinical trials, showcase dispatch to post promoting observing. The wellsprings of medication items incorporate peptides and proteins, including monoclonal antibodies and neutralizer pieces. From 2000 to 2006, biologics represented 33% of all New Active Substances that were pre propelled, and are reflected to the present advancement pipelines of the pharmaceutical business.

  • Track 1-1Sources of biopharmaceuticals
  • Track 1-2Sources of downstream processing
  • Track 1-3Biopharmaceuticals current status
  • Track 1-4Biotechnology tools and methods
  • Track 1-5Regulatory Updates
  • Track 1-6Occupancy theory in Pharmacology
  • Track 1-7Control & automation
  • Track 1-8Bio-imaging

Novel Approaches in biopharmaceutical Drug Designing and Development is an interdisciplinary research. Centering upon medication planning procedures, new medications advancements in synthetic and organic research. An accomplishment of definition relies on upon how effectively it makes the medication accessible at the site of activity, particularly in oral plans. Methods have regularly been utilized to expand disintegration rate of the medication. Important to enhance dissolvability of medication by different ways like salt development, co-dissolvability.

  • Track 2-1Biomedical computational drug discovery
  • Track 2-2Biochemistry laboratory techniques
  • Track 2-3Bioinformatics
  • Track 2-4Novel therapeutics of modern biotechnology
  • Track 2-5Recent technology in biopharmaceuticals

Nanoparticles with the end goal of medication conveyance are characterized as submicron, which are small colloidal particles. Nanoparticles are strong colloidal lattice like particles which are made of polymers or lipids. For the most part directed by the intravenous course like parenteral they have been created for the focused on conveyance of helpful or imaging specialists. By methods for focused medication conveyance framework will be accomplished rapidly, to enhance the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics movement of the drug. Over late years headway in nanoparticles tranquilize conveyance is broadly anticipated that would change the pharmaceutical and biotechnology ventures for a long time to come.

  • Track 3-1Biochemical tools for investigating
  • Track 3-2Engineering applied to the biosciences
  • Track 3-3Biosynthetic products structure modification
  • Track 3-4Formulation of biotech products
  • Track 3-5Screening and synthesis of nano drug design
  • Track 3-6Biodegradable microspheres

Biotechnology is the utilization of living frameworks and creatures to make items, by any innovative applications to make or adjust items or procedures for particular utilize. Science and innovation have in the past assumed an indispensable part in enhancing general wellbeing. Today the commitment of science to enhance general wellbeing and lessen worldwide wellbeing incongruities is more apropos than any other time in recent memory. However the advantages of current medication still have not achieved a huge number of individuals in creating nations. The developing wellbeing variations between the creating and the created world call for critical activity from established researchers.

  • Track 4-1Green Technology
  • Track 4-2Biotechnology and Diabetes
  • Track 4-3Food and industrial biotechnology
  • Track 4-4Biomedical engineering
  • Track 4-5Medical biotechnology
  • Track 4-6Biotech pharma quality issues
  • Track 4-7The role of drug metabolism in biotech therapy

Biotech medicate formulators have many worries to juggle in their work, starting with the physicochemical qualities of a dynamic particle and including the dependability, cost, and accessibility of logical techniques utilized as a part of detailing work .The results of biotechnology are proteins and peptides that are generally flimsy atoms contrasted with most natural pharmaceuticals. At last the protein is traded into its last arrangement dose frame where long haul strength is accomplished. These incorporate rankles, bottles, vials, ampules, syringes. Developing conveyance techniques and gadgets..

  • Track 5-1Culture manipulation of biological products
  • Track 5-2Regulatory issues and drug approval
  • Track 5-3Biotech drug design
  • Track 5-4Evaluation studies
  • Track 5-5Chromatography techniques

Rural biotechnology is otherwise called agritech. Which including the utilization of logical instruments and systems, including hereditary designing, a surge in innovation brought about an expansion in horticultural biotechnology through the determination of qualities like expanded yield. Agriculturists have controlled plants and creatures through specific reproducing for a huge number of years with a specific end goal to make wanted characteristics. Horticultural Biotechnology has been utilized to enhance the healthful substance of an assortment of products with an end goal to address the issues of an expanding populace. Atomic diagnostics, immunizations, and tissue culture, to alter living life forms plants, creatures, and microorganisms resistance.

  • Track 6-1stem cell biotechnology
  • Track 6-2Prokariyotic cells in biotech production
  • Track 6-3Microbial origin
  • Track 6-4Fermentation process
  • Track 6-5Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Track 6-6Upcoming Challenges In Clinical Trails

Biotechnology is the utilization of living frameworks and life forms to make items, by any innovative applications to change items or procedures for particular utilize. Biotechnology has applications in four noteworthy modern regions, including Health mind, Crop generation and horticulture, Industrial employments of harvests and different items and Environmental employments. Biotechnology has likewise prompted to the advancement of anti-infection agents. Yield of a generation procedure are an ideal opportunity to aggregate a coveted measure of biomass, the procedure term, and the particular profitability. By contrasting greatest cell densities and particular development rates of different expression frameworks, and extensively depicted logical methodologies and procedures to enhance have cell lines. Other than the quantitative assessment of current frameworks, the quality-deciding properties of a host cell line.

  • Track 7-1Molecular biotechnology
  • Track 7-2Techniques of biotech pharma
  • Track 7-3Current trends
  • Track 7-4Engineering machinaries
  • Track 7-5New biotech pharma drug design

Biotechnology it is a piece of science that arrangements with utilization of living frameworks, by applying any innovative applications. That utilizations natural frameworks, living life forms, or subsidiaries thereof, to make items or procedures for particular utilize. Utilizations of biotechnology for the most part centered around Agro concoction agribusiness, Organic farming, and yield based horticulture. Uses of Biotechnology in Food Processing, Environmental Biotechnology Applications of Biotechnology in Medicine, Industrial Biotechnology.

  • Track 8-1To develop useful and beneficial plants
  • Track 8-2Process of traditional plant breeding
  • Track 8-3Improvement of agricultural production
  • Track 8-4Applications of environmental management
  • Track 8-5Applications of agriculture
  • Track 8-6Human applications

Pharmaceutical building is a piece of pharmaceutical science. Innovation which includes improvement and assembling of items, procedures, and parts in the pharmaceuticals business. The touchy advancement in the pharmaceutical business turned into the main thrust for our new Biopharmaceutical Engineering Program. The branch of biopharmaceuticals is quickly forming into upstream medication definitions and downstream plan handle, by utilizing biopharmaceutical designing standards.

  • Track 9-1Biomaterials
  • Track 9-2Medical devices
  • Track 9-3Tissue biomaterials
  • Track 9-4Pharmaceutical engineering
  • Track 9-5Drug Elimination And Clearance
  • Track 9-6Pharmacogenomics
  • Track 9-7Pronuclear Micro Injection Method
  • Track 9-8Bioinformatics

Biotechnology is defined as the application of the life sciences to chemical synthesis. This is a study of direct production of specific chemicals via fermentation, such as lactic acid and citric acid, Now-a-days chemical biotechnology is increasing biotechnology’s contribution to the industries. Chemical biotechnology mainly includes in both chemical engineering and scientific principles. chemical engineers helps to design, production of microorganisms and enzymes to synthesize new drugs. Huge number of industries that depend on the synthesis and processing of chemicals and materials. Which mainly deals with the oil industries, pharmaceutical industries, environmental process. Chemical engineers enjoy increasing opportunities.

  • Track 10-1Chemical disinfectant testing
  • Track 10-2Cleaning studies
  • Track 10-3Particulate testing of chemicals
  • Track 10-4Sampling and analysis of solvents
  • Track 10-5Biofuels in chemical industry
  • Track 10-6Biotechnology in chemical industry
  • Track 10-7Controlled drug delivery
  • Track 10-8Mechanisms of Action and Toxicity
  • Track 10-9Factors Affecting Drug Metabolism

Cancer is a group of deadly diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division leading to growth of abnormal tissue. it is also called as degeneration of one type of cell within an organism into something and Immunology is relating investigation of science that manages the entrenched framework and its immunologic capacities and immune reaction. It's tremendous field that develops the atomic capacity and auxiliary capability and association. The resistant framework has been separated into a considerable measure of embryonic, natural immune framework, spineless creatures. A gained or versatile entrenched framework. The research of communication between tumour cells and typical cell and discovery of influenced cells square measure been likewise determined.


  • Track 11-1Novel methods of Cancer Drug delivery & Drug discovery
  • Track 11-2 Imaging in cancer
  • Track 11-3Operomics and transcriptomics
  • Track 11-4Organ Specific Cancers
  • Track 11-5Immunomodulation and therapy
  • Track 11-6 Immuno tests and alternative toolbox

Modern microbiology or microbial biotechnology is the application. Which is use to the procedure of microorganisms or plant and creature cells to make valuable items. Since from old circumstances, microoraganisms have been used as Industrial biotechnology, there are colossal measure of microoraganisms which are utilized for bread and cakes, protecting nourishment by pickling, brew and wine making.  The present day aging innovation ventures that became out of these practices. Which produces "characteristic items" to be utilized as medications, biodegradable plastics, solvents and other modern chemicals and furnish us with amino acids, vitamins.

  • Track 12-1Pharmaceutical microbiology
  • Track 12-2Flora in Soil & Water Microbiology
  • Track 12-3Vaccines & Anti-Microbial
  • Track 12-4Current Trends in Microbiology
  • Track 12-5Antibiotic Resistance
  • Track 12-6Pediatric Viral Infections

Medicate security is a noteworthy concentration of pharmaceutical microbiology. The most imperative commitment of microbiology to the pharmaceutical business is the improvement of anti-infection agents. Pathogenic microscopic organisms, growths and poisons delivered by microorganisms. The results of microbial digestion are all conceivable contaminants of prescriptions, however the current hereditary controls have empowered the creation of more improved medications. Antibodies are likewise a vital commitment of microbiology towards improvement of medications. Aside from medications and bio items advancement, microbiology assumes an essential part in quality control of a pharmaceutical research center. Anticipation of microbial tainting in pharmaceutical arrangements like injectables, eye drops, nasal arrangements and inward breath items.

  • Track 13-1Gene Sequencing
  • Track 13-2Genetic Diseases Screening
  • Track 13-3Genetic Diseases Screening
  • Track 13-4Cell Adhesion
  • Track 13-5Cell Therapy Bioprocessing
  • Track 13-6Cellular Physiology
  • Track 13-7Gene Engineering

A prologue to the part of Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics Studies the preclinical and clinical advancement in the biotech drugs, connections for peptide and protein-based medications are every now and again convoluted by their nearby collaboration with endogenous substances. Monoclonal antibodies, antisense oligonucleotides. Broad utilization of pharmacokinetic and presentation reaction ideas in all periods of medication improvement has in the past been distinguished Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics as a significant element for the accomplishment of medication advancement handle.

  • Track 14-1Genetic Code
  • Track 14-2DNA Replication
  • Track 14-3Genetic Disorders
  • Track 14-4Genetic Syndromes
  • Track 14-5Genome Sequencing Technique
  • Track 14-6Nonlinear Concepts in Pharmacodynamics
  • Track 14-7Pharmacodynamics Application

The biotechnology division is profoundly inventive. Which has solid development direction, with its colossal development potential, will keep on playing a noteworthy part as an imaginative assembling center. The division is a standout amongst the most noteworthy parts in upgrading worldwide profile and additionally adding to the development of the economy. A Network of Technology Centers and advancement of new businesses by Small Industries. To advance development of Small and Medium Enterprises in another plan. Biopharma is the biggest part contributing around 64 for every penny of the aggregate income took after by bio services.

  • Track 15-1Modern biotech market analysis
  • Track 15-2Economic considerations in medical
  • Track 15-3Products supply statistics
  • Track 15-4Market research reports & industry analysis
  • Track 15-5Market research reports & industry analysis
  • Track 15-6Companion technologies and markets
  • Track 15-7Regulatory Aspects
  • Track 15-8Randomness and Chaotic Behavior

Biotechnology is frequently used to allude to hereditary designing innovation of the 21st century. However, the term is utilized for some methods for changing natural life forms for the necessities of humankind. It began with changes of local plants into enhanced sustenance edits through fake determination and hybridization. Bioengineering is the science whereupon all biotechnological applications are based. With the advancement of new methodologies and present day procedures, conventional biotechnology ventures are additionally securing new skylines empowering them to enhance the nature of their items and increment the profitability of their frameworks.

  • Track 16-1Protein Interactions
  • Track 16-2Herbal Drug Interactions
  • Track 16-3Nanoparticle drugs
  • Track 16-4Interpenetrating Polymer Network
  • Track 16-5Drug Elimination and Clearance
  • Track 16-6Pharmacogenomics
  • Track 16-7Pronuclear Micro Injection Method
  • Track 16-8Bioinformatics

The field of Pharmacovigilance is growing rapidly and its development is making tremendous impacts in medical sciences and pharmaceuticals. Euro Bophirima 2017 emphasizes on how the importance and significance can be gauged by the fact that it has made huge advancements over the course of time and is continuing to influence various sectors. 

  • Track 17-1Drug Safety
  • Track 17-2Adverse Drug Reaction
  • Track 17-3Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management
  • Track 17-4Pharmacovigilance Significance and Scope

Assume a key part in the medication improvement period for both new medication items and their non specific reciprocals. These studies are likewise critical in the post endorsement period within the sight of certain assembling changes. Data in the general arrangement of information that guarantee the accessibility of protected and successful pharmaceuticals to patients and experts. BA/BE studies has been resolved to have down to earth and general wellbeing esteem for pharmaceutical supporters, for administrative offices, and for patients and specialists.

  • Track 18-1Factors Affecting BABE
  • Track 18-2BABE Studies
  • Track 18-3BABE Studies
  • Track 18-4Assessment of Bioeqivalence
  • Track 18-5In Vivo/In Vitro Studies & IVIVC
  • Track 18-6Latest Updates In BA/BE
  • Track 18-7Advances of BA/BE

In the fields of prescription, biotechnology and pharmacology, sedate revelation is the procedure by which new candidate medications are found. Generally, medications were found through recognizing the dynamic fixing from customary cures or by fortunate revelation. Later compound libraries of manufactured little particles, characteristic items or extracts were screened in place cells or entire life forms to recognize substances that have an alluring remedial impact in a procedure known as traditional pharmacology. Since sequencing of the human genome which permitted fast cloning and amalgamation of vast amounts of cleaned proteins, it has ended up basic practice to utilize high throughput screening of expansive mixes libraries against confined organic targets which are speculated to be illness altering in a procedure known as turn around pharmacology. Hits from these screens are then tried in cells and after that in creatures for adequacy.

  • Track 19-1Case Studies at Different Trial Phases
  • Track 19-2Pre -Clinical Studies
  • Track 19-3Regulatory Update
  • Track 19-4Clinical Design
  • Track 19-5Upcoming Challenges in Clinical Trails

Assumes a focal part all through pharmaceutical innovative work. These studies help in the disclosure and determination of new compound elements, bolster wellbeing evaluation, and are basic in characterizing conditions for protected and successful use in patients. ADME contemplates give the main premise to basic judgments from circumstances where the conduct of the medication is comprehended to those where it is obscure.

  • Track 20-1ADME
  • Track 20-2Permeability Barrier and Detoxification
  • Track 20-3Reactions of Drug Metabolism
  • Track 20-4Physico- Chemical Properties of the Drugs
  • Track 20-5Factors Affecting Drug Distribution
  • Track 20-6Physiological Barrier of Drug Diffusion
  • Track 20-7Physicochemical Factors of Drug
  • Track 20-8Mechanisms of Action and Toxicity
  • Track 20-9Factors Affecting Drug Metabolism